Why we overeat and under-exercise

13. July 2023.

As metabolic disorders become a major concern, let us try to understand the barely seen underlying reasons. We can easily blame genetics or our work life for the metabolic disorders we suffer with but what about the stored trauma, stress, and loneliness? Learn why we eat the way we eat and create unhealthy relationships with our food. This episode with Dr. Katarina Melzer would have you pause and compel you to take a look at what is the real issue.

00:00         Intro

02:00          No country today has successfully realized the growth of obesity.

03:12           How obesity is not an issue of prejudice or fashion but a scientific reality?

08:10          Nutrition actionable.

09:20          Becoming more aware of the psychosocial factor impacting our health.

10:40          The way we eat as a coping mechanism.

15:00          Our addiction to food is actually our addiction to the dopamine response.

19:15           Changing our relationship with food:  from a coping mechanism to energy input and energy output.

22:07          Why suicidal rates have increased over 30% in the last few years.

23:27          How is our modern society characterized by a chronic imbalance between energy intake and expenditure?

27:00          How much exercising it takes to create a balance in our current energy intake and expenditure?

28:40          How much do we need to exercise regularly for bodyweight regulation?

30:00          Abundance of exercise for abundance of food.

35:10          Why do we need to work on regulating energy balance?

36:45          The quality of our relationships and the degree of loneliness, happiness and satisfaction are somewhere connected to over-eating and under-exercising.

42:50          Where do we go from here?

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