Balance and self-motivation - Forum 42

17. February 2020.

Great discussion at the latest Forum 42 about balance and self-motivation.

Preaching to people about changing their self-destructive lifestyles won’t achieve anything unless the emotional dynamics driving those behaviors are understood and addressed.

Food, in particular, often becomes a substitute for emotional nurturing. In truth, food compulsion is a cry for love, connection and understanding.

We cannot change our behavior, if it is nothing but an outward symptom of powerful emotional undercurrents. If we are serious about change, we have to dig deep and face our pain, shame, and insecurities, for they are not the problem, but friendly signposts towards the wounds that need healing.

Finding true freedom and balance requires the courage to explore your innermost self, to face your hidden pain which drives any self-destructive behaviour, and to experience the healing that comes with letting go of fear and rejection.

Given the enormous profits made by the health, food and pharmaceutical industry from the long-term “management” of pathological conditions and addictive behaviour, healing you for good clearly is not their priority. So please be aware that the only one who is going to make this happen for you is YOU!

My very special, heartfelt thanks go out to you, Aleksandra Sasa Simovic for sharing with us your very personal story – you taught us a lesson of bravery and self-motivation which left all of us in admiration and eager to continue learning from you!

Dr. Katarina Melzer