When we look at the world today from the perspective of health, what do we see?

10. October 2021.

We see people who are dealing with increasing levels of illness, from obesity-related chronic disorders, to depression and anxiety. We see people fighting stress in a society that trades equality for inequality, connection for separation, closeness for loneliness; in an environment where our sense of unity is under assault, largely forgotten or unrecognized; in a world proclaimed the loneliest that has ever existed.

That world of false stardom teaches us to suppress our feelings, so we tend to become de-pressed. Under extreme tension and with no one to share it with, we tend to become hyper-tensive. Living life with a lack of ease made many us ob-esed, and dis-eased. Chronically.

Now, whom to turn to for an advice or a helping hand, in a world where our authenticity is lost in the name of progress, and with the constant message “you are not enough”?

The crucial problem in dealing with obesity is not only to learn what people should eat, but also to learn why people overeat. In as much it is necessary to learn how food energy is stored and utilized, it is equally necessary to understand what motivates us to start or stop eating. We cannot separate body from mind, physiology from emotions. Only when we have this fundamental understanding will those who practice nutrition be able to do more than offer calorie guides and suggest willpower for prevention of obesity.

You are enough!


Dr. Katarina Melzer

Be balanced, be free!