Energy Balance Regulation Course by Dr. Katarina Melzer- Vienna, Austria

3. September 2022.

This year, like every hear, it is a great feeling to be back at ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) for chairing, moderating and teaching the LLL module on Nutrition and Physical Activity, this time in Vienna, Austria.


Physical Activity and Health: Energy balance regulation – Katarina Melzer

Learning objectives

  • Define physical activity, exercise, physical fitness and physical fitness components, as well as intensity, volume, duration and frequency of physical activity.
  • Present current physical activity recommendations for healthy subjects.
  • Discuss the factors influencing the energy balance equation.
  • Describe energy content and energy conversion factors of food.
  • Discuss the factors influencing energy expenditure during resting state.
  • Clarify the difference between resting and basal metabolic rate.
  • Question the widespread application of a “metabolic equivalent (MET)” value to all individuals and population subgroups.
  • Describe anaerobic and aerobic pathways for energy production during physical activity.
  • Explain the influence of exercise intensity, duration and mode on substrate utilization.
  • Explain the influence of training, diet and gender on substrate utilization during exercise.
  • Present latest findings on the effects of physical inactivity and activity on ad libitum energy intake and its impact on energy balance regulation.
  • Clarify the effects of energy imbalance on body weight and composition.
  • Briefly discuss other factors influencing energy balance regulation.

See you next year in Lyon!!!

Dr. Katarina Melzer