When insufficient physical activity is combined with increased availability
and affordability of energy-dense foods, high in saturated fat, salts or
sugars, and low in dietary fibers, complex carbohydrates, fruit and
vegetables, the incidence of overweight and obesity increases.
Moreover, due to the increasingly impoverished quality of processed
foods, weight control practices limited to the reduction of food intake reduce
not only the energetic but also the nutritional turnover and, therefore, are
likely to result in a lack of vitamins and micronutrients required by the body.
Overall, our modern Western lifestyle leaves us not only energetically
overfed, but also nutritionally undernourished, and prone to
cardio-vascular and other chronic diseases.

Global population


Global population


Global obesity

by 2050

Related deaths

increase 1990-2015

Food is one of the fundamentals of life. Yet, no generation before us has
been as confused and anxious about what, when and how much to eat. The
current self-help market is replete with studies, guides and gurus telling us
what, when and how to eat in pursuit of health and happiness, most of
which contribute little or nothing to our understanding of nutrition.

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